Neon Archive

Games I've made. Many of these games are mirrors from my The oldest ones have "Jeasonfire" as the author, as that was my nickname at the time.

It's a game where you dig! Underground, there are minerals which you're supposed to send up to orbit. Made for Ludum Dare 48 in 48 hours.


  • WASD / arrow keys to move.
  • Move mouse to look around.
  • Left-click to dig.
  • Right-click to submit your minerals to the mineral storage hut.
  • Escape to open a menu for options and quitting the game.

Excavation Site Mercury is a traditional-style roguelike made for the 7DRLx17 game jam, over one week. Explore the mines, collect rare minerals, perhaps even discover the riches near the core!

When your run ends, whether in death or glory, you can submit your final statistics to an online leaderboard, and compare with others. Note that the submission can take some seconds, because the server is simulating all your turns to ensure that all the leaderboard entries are legitimate.


The game is entirely playable with a keyboard.

  • WASD / HJKL / Arrows keys to move, attack, open doors and so on. The core gameplay is based on movement.
  • Tab / left-click to inspect yourself and enemies.
  • Buttons can either be clicked, or activated by pressing the number indicated between brackets.

The Dragon's Dungeon is a roguelike made for the 2020 edition of the 7DRL game jam. It was written with the intent to write a game using Rust, with SDL and a rendering library of mine.


  • Move up: up arrow, W, K
  • Move down: down arrow, S, J
  • Move left: left arrow, A, H
  • Move right: right arrow, D, L
  • Pick up item: comma
  • Wait for one turn: space, period
  • Proceed down a ladder to the next level: enter

Linux note

You need to have SDL2 installed from your package manager to run the game.

Experience the thrill of walking roughly two kilometers of metro tunnel while reading some commentary, and appreciating how the world disintegrates around you.


  • WASD or IJKL to move
  • Mouse or arrow keys to look around
  • Q to auto-walk (toggles whether or not you walk forward continuously, like holding W or I)
  • Shift to toggle between run and walk

It’s a first-person adventure game with no real aim, so don’t worry about “finishing” the game. You can close it out by pressing escape.

If you want to open the Unity resolution & quality dialogue, hold Shift during the launch, or Option/Alt on Mac.


  • Left-click to grab an item, throw it away, and open doors
  • Right-click to put an item in your inventory
  • I to invert the mouse on the Y-axis. (Pardon the lack of a proper menu, I just forgot until it was too late.)
  • Esc to close the game

This is a small sentence generator that tries to formulate “game ideas.” It’s mostly incoherent, but might sometimes cause a spark of inspiration. Made for PROCJAM 2018.

Generate some castles, find ones you like, and generate some more based on those! Sandcastles is an entry to PROCJAM Summer 2018, created in a few days in the middle of the jam.


  • Mouse to rotate around
  • Mouse wheel to zoom
  • Esc to close the game
  • Enter to generate new sandcastles
  • Space to save DNA
  • R to discard saved DNA

Heart of the Cards is a trading card game first person shooter. It has elements of both, though the core gameplay loop is most familiar to FPS players. In the game, you fight against waves of enemies in an arena, using magical trading cards as your weapons. Getting hit by enemies makes you drop cards, and killing enemies makes them drop cards. If you lose all of your cards, you lose the game.


  • Movement: WASD
  • Sprinting: Shift+WASD
  • Draw a card / throw a card: Left-click

Conveyor belts, colorful flying cubes, and an infinite void. Oh joy!
Originally a VR game, Capitality was un-virtualized by time constraints and catastrophic development problems. This is also the reason the game's UI is so weird, as it was designed for VR usage.

Switch AIs between bots to solve puzzles with them. Made for Ludum Dare 39, with the theme "Running out of Power."


There has been a major incident in the energy transfer system of this facility. The engineers aren't coming to fix the problem until the next morning. Using the backup power, you need to manage the bots manually to restore the power.


The game consists of wiring up the panel on the right. The left side of the panel represents the controllable bots, and the right side represents different AIs you can assign to control those bots. Plugging "Bot A" to "Seek Yellow" for example, will make "Bot A" seek yellow lights, if any are reachable. Note that other than lights, the bots only see 2 tiles away, so you need to use the lights to navigate through the levels.

Fast-paced first-person shooter with a single weapon: the rocket launcher. Explode your way through the procedurally generated hordes of enemies. Made in Godot 2.1.3, with models created in Google Blocks.


  • Movement: WASD to move, Space to jump
  • Shooting: Left-click
  • Detonate rockets in-air: Right-click


  • Don't get hit: in addition to losing health, your damage multiplier (the red bar) will reset! To defeat the toughest enemies effectively, you'll need the edge the multiplier gives.
  • Gather the small blue/red/purple orbs: the blue ones give you health, the red ones boost your damage, and the purple ones grant you both!
  • Try shooting downwards for a bird's eye perspective. Become the rocket you want to see in the world!
  • Don't worry about falling off the platform, you'll find yourself back where you started. (The world loops on the vertical axis.)

An atmospheric VR adventure game. Walk around in a cosy spaceship and play around with stuff. Pick up things, throw them around, play with the computers, eat and drink! Or you could gaze into the unmoving endless darkness of space. Or maybe play around with some buttons you might not know the function of.

A VR world painting experience inspired by the short film Shelter. You are given a brush, a palette, and a canvas. Now paint your own world.


  • Trigger: toggle grabbing things (eg. hover your hand over the brush and click the trigger, it will pick it up until you next time click the trigger)
  • Escape (on your keyboard) to exit the game.
  • Otherwise it's just, touch the palette's colors with the brush and paint! The black paint is for erasing things.

Brutally realistic virtual reality simulation game, about a large amount of cats living in a small room, with only a few bowls of food. You can resupply their food, but they will inevitably perish. It's a cruel world out there. Some cats live longer than others, some are bigger, some last longer on the same food. Every F5 creates a new family of cats.


  • Enable VR: Click the goggle-icon in the bottom right
  • Look around: Drag the mouse / literally look around in VR
  • Move around: WASD
  • Fill food bowl (not in VR): Aim at the bowl & click
  • Fill food bowl (in VR): Aim at the bowl & wait a second
  • Fill all bowls instantly (for ease of use): E


"You can put on your VR headset and pretend you're in a house full of cats."
~ Jupiter Hadley

Neon Fishing is a first person fisher game, set in a neon sci-fi ocean scenery. Catch fish of all shapes* and sizes! Experience the eye-destroying contrast of a beautiful neon bloom-filled 3D world!
*differing shapes not guaranteed

Made for the Fishing Jam in a weekend. Plus a few hours during the week.


  • Flailing your hand around: Moves the bait, used to catch fish
  • Trigger: Release fish
  • Thumbpad: Open the menu (look around if it doesn't seem to appear)
  • Trigger (when looking at "exit" in the menu): Exit the game

Make More Money! is a game about investing* and becoming rich. Invest in X corporation, jump off the Y bandwagon before it crashes, keep an eye on the Z stock! You'll also have the option to keep an eye on your reputation. Investing in a human trafficking company is not hip with the kids, who knew!

* Note: I don't actually know anything about stocks or markets or money, this is just my guess about how a market could work. No realistic market simulation to be found here!

A minimalistic puzzle-platformer with 2D/3D perspective changing mechanics.


  • Movement: WASD or the Arrow Keys
  • Interact (open door, pull lever): Left-click
  • Change perspective (2D/3D): Right-click

Heroic Aerial Defense is a side-scrolling shmup. It's visually very simple, as the resolution is 64x64. This was supposed to be an entry to the #LOWREZJAM 2016 game jam, but was finished late.


  • Movement, up: Move mouse up, W or ↑
  • Movement, down: Move mouse down, S or ↓
  • Shoot: Click or Space


  • Imp
    An easy enemy, floats around. Greater imps float around faster.
  • Demon
    An easy enemy to get hit by, but also easy to kill because of their low health. Shoots bullets slowly. Greater demons shoot in 3-shot bursts.

This game is a simulation game where you place farms and houses and people live, reproduce, and die. People will eat the farms, and if there's enough houses, they'll reproduce. The point is to get as many people as possible I guess? As far as I'm concerned, it's a fun little toy to play with for a while.

The volumes can be changed with the GUI in the top-right corner of the screen.

Text-based village simulation game written in JavaScript.


The game pretty much plays itself, but you can make people appear every 30 seconds by pressing the "Make a person" button! You can also designate tasks:

  • Gathering food (to get more food, so the people don't die)
  • Building farms (the amount of farms decides how much food can be gathered per year)
  • Searching for building supplies (for building farms & houses)
  • Building houses (for people to live in)

All of these are done automatically by a very simple AI, so you don't really have to do any of this. But you can, if you want!

Cruelty is a small RTS. It's a bit incomplete, due to over-scoping during a Ludum Dare.


Note: There is no special attack button, the enemies take damage when the units' weapons physically hit them.

  • Move around the map: WASD
  • Zoom: Scrollwheel
  • Rotate the camera: Q/E
  • Reset camera: C
  • Select units: Left-click
  • Move units: Right-click

3D puzzle platformer. The Higg's Gun can solidify and un-solidify special materials.


  • Moving: WASD or arrow keys by default
  • Jumping: Space by default
  • Shooting: Left-click by default
  • Changing ammo: Scroll wheel by default
  • Flashlight: Right-click by default
  • Pause: Tab

Space-exploration and trading game.


  • WASD: Movement
  • Shift: Open Stats Menu and show little arrows that point to planets (where you can sell space rocks)
  • Space: Turn off thrust (brakes)

Top-down puzzle game. One of the first games I made.